Simple Things I am Grateful For

On the eve of Thanksgiving as I scroll through Facebook and other social media sites, I see various posts about being thankful. I love reading how this time of year allows people to sit back and reflect. I know we should all practice gratitude each day, and I certainly do my best to do it. However, we are all human and if we need a prompt or a reminder to sit back and quiet our minds, then so be it.

I, like many others feel very grateful. I am grateful for the common things such as family, friends, my home, my health and my career. There are certain people and things in my life that stir feelings of gratitude and joy- and sometimes feelings of something deeper and more profound- like love, connection, happy memories, self confidence, inner peace and comfort. As I sit with these feelings, however, I realize it is not really about the “things” anymore, and more about those people in your life.

I have had a lot of opportunities over the last few years to take risks, to put myself in a position of vulnerability and to let go of attempting to control the outcome. It is this, in which I am most grateful for on this very day. I am grateful for those people who have allowed me to come full circle. I am grateful for those who have allowed me to release my fears and take my walls down and I am even grateful for those people who have reminded me the need for walls in certain situations. I am truly grateful for all of the hurdles, hard times and disappointments, because truly without them, I probably would not be able to distinguish from what I need and what I want; what I want to do and what I will never do. I am a believer in “the plan….” And, this I have struggled over the years to admit, is not MY plan. It is the “plan” that has been laid out for each and every one of us. There is a plan designated for us and it is not magic, or by chance, or even “hocus pocus signs.” It is what was meant for us to be able to either move on, let go, or re-assess.” When I did not have a strong foundation and belief in the “plan” I was not open to see the opportunities set forth in front of me. However, as I became more firm in my beliefs that opportunities do not happen by chance, I realized that I can have more confidence in myself and in others. Believing that there is a plan for each of us, allows me to speak more freely, more openly, and with much more vulnerability than ever imagined. I trust that speaking from the heart and speaking in the truth can never do me wrong. If I am open to honesty, whether it is what I want to hear or not, I am allowing myself to be open and be free; while allowing others in my life to do the same.

The journey of self love, growth and gratitude is ever-changing and is hard at times. It is not over for me, yet it is evolving each and everyday. I am grateful for those people who support this journey and who allow me to dream, those who allow me to pick things a part section by section and for those who despite may not always agree with me, are there to either celebrate with me, or pick me up. I tell my children, my clients and even friends, that if you have one person, just one person in your life who encourages you, supports you, and is there unconditionally, then you are truly blessed. I am so grateful, because I have a few of these people.

Happy Thanksgiving to All! Do what makes you smile- do what makes your heart happy. I am.

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Happy New Year…Goodbye 2014

It has been forever since the last time I blogged. I think about writing all of the time, as it is one of my favorite things to do. Yet, for some reason I tell myself that I will do it “tomorrow” then “tomorrow” turns into months. However, today is the last day of 2014. No better time than NOW to do what makes us happy!

I decided to write about my newest and most favorite topic these days…Essential Oils. I am choosing this topic to end the year and progress in the New Year because it will definitely influence all of my New Year goals and plans for myself. You see, I do not have the typical “New Year’s resolutions”- such as lose weight, save money, etc. My goals for the New Year are geared more towards personal wellbeing which includes practicing meditation, continuing to enhance my journey of “living in the moment” and providing a calm, peaceful environment for my family.

Never in a million years would I ever think that I would be taking the time to share my personal journey with Young Living Essential OILS! Nevertheless, especially with my friends and neighbors who know me otherwise; a professional working mother of two (or preferably three, if you include my furry yellow lab), who attempts to maintain two-three steady jobs, and volunteers for all activities and events involving my kids in their schools and activities. Actually, I think I am typing this blog with one eye shut, because I am so tired these days. But, as I feel the exhaustion kick in, I look to my side and see my array of essential oils that I have fallen in love with. I open up the peppermint, and inhale slowly and apply a small amount on the back of my neck and literally like magic; I feel a boost of clarity and focus.

Essential Oils as silly as it may sound, have already helped me achieve some of my goals. I have completely eliminated my dermatologist prescribed facial medications and I have incorporated a sleeping regimen for myself and my children that include lavender and peace calming oils.

I was introduced to essential oils approximately five years ago, when my son, who is almost six years old, was suffering from acid reflux and chronic ear infections. I have a friend, who attempted to engage me for years. She would say, “If you would just try the oils, I am sure his ear infections would become less frequent and you would not need to put him on yet ANOTHER round of antibiotics.” As a new mom and once again pregnant with my daughter, I was way too busy to think about trying anything new. I was in awe with all of the personal testimonies that she would share day after day, yet I just was not ready to take the plunge for myself. I continued to schlep my children back and forth to their Pediatrician…week after week! After years of doing so, and the amount of vacations that we personally financed for our Pediatrician (by the way, I actually like our Pediatrician!), I decided that I would take some time to research and try what my friend has been telling me for years.

After two sets of tubes in my son’s ears, adenoids and tonsil removal and a host of other medical issues we battled, I finally decided to take the plunge and try what everyone was talking to me about! Since then, I have religiously used my oils to help put my mind at ease, to create a beautiful smell in my home, to share with my clients in my office and most of all, to assist with pain management and illness.

A few months after experimenting with my first Young Living Essential Oils Starter Kit, I have found myself reaching for my oils, rather than reaching for medicine from my medicine cabinet. I am eager to put the lavender oil on my children’s feet at night, as they calmly drift off to sleep (which up until this point has always been a struggle in our home). I am also excited to bring and share the oils in the diffuser in my office with my clients. Many of my clients that I work with suffer from anxiety and depression. The oil choices that I bring in the office to diffuse have all been recognized and complimented on by my clients. Most importantly, I am excited to share my experiences with my friends. I am a true skeptic, through and through- so the fact that I have found migraine relief, the ability to ease sore muscles and lessen the duration of colds and illnesses, I am thrilled with my “find!” If only I had listened to my friend years ago, I may have been able to take my family on those cruises that I ultimately funded for my Pediatrician!

So…whatever you choose to decide for you and your family for the New Year, I hope that you enjoy it through and through. May 2015 being peace and happiness to ALL!

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A little about Kristi……..

Loving the chaotic life she lives everyday, Ms. Kristi Newhouse has always found something to inspire her at each and every turn. With her beautiful family being front and center, Ms. Newhouse strives to keep her perspectives fresh and new in order to fulfill her tasks both at home and in her professional career. A loving mother to her two kids and a yellow Labrador, Kristi always tries to spend quality time with her children. Kristi is always present at each of their school events, athletic games or recitals. She loves taking them to the zoo, or local parks and attractions as her way of making lasting memories with Nathan Christopher and Kennedy Rose. Kristi and her husband Nate try to find time in their busy, full life to reach out to one another and check in with one another, as Kristi states “It is easy to get caught up in the everyday life, and allow the mundane tasks to take over. Sometimes we need to remind each other what is important and make every effort to connect.”

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